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Hi! I'm Nate and I'm on a mission to help families and small businesses get financially healthy. Are you ready?

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Is Money Helping You Live with Purpose?

  • Or do you make good money, but find yourself living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Do you struggle with the anxiety of never-ending debt payments and want to break free?
  • Do you find yourself constantly changing strategies, but nothing ever seems to work?
  • Do you desire to be generous, but never seem to have enough?

You are here for a reason

You can break free of the never-ending cycle of debt payments and finally get control of your income. Imagine being free to save for your future and being incredibly generous along the way.  You can change your future and make a lasting impact on your family, your community, and the world around you.

Here's what I do:


1:1 Financial Coaching

My 1:1 financial coaching process starts with Foundations – a six week intensive program designed for families and small businesses to map out their goals and gain clarity on their financial situation with an actionable financial plan.


FaithFi Budget Coaching

Do you have a financial question, or you need help and support with your budget?

As a FaithFi budgeting app user, book a complimentary coaching session and get the help you need. Each FaithFi coaching session is tailored to fit your needs and situation.

Meet Nate Sargent, MBA, CERTCFC®

I love helping people solve problems.

You’re not alone in your situation. My mission is to help families and small businesses pursue financial health through biblically sound and engaging financial coaching. Financial couching can help you gain a clear picture of your financial situation, provide actions to help you on your path towards managing money according to God’s Word, and provide the support you need every step along the way.

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Budget Categories

Sometimes the hardest part of starting your budget is figuring out which categories to track and manage. I’ve created the Budget Categories Workbook to help you get started using my favorite Envelope Group and Categories. These categories will work great with your budgeting app or system. Download for free!

NSC Budget Categories Workbook

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