About Me


Hey there! A little bit of background about myself...

I’m an engineer and have served in the aerospace business for 25 years.  I enjoy aerospace for several reasons – the complexity of the business, the daily technical challenges that we face, and the people and customers.

I also have a passion for personal finance.  Not because I have it figured out, but for very similar reasons that I enjoy aerospace.  Personal finance is a complex discipline, and gives us all some of the most challenging problems to solve.

But money itself can also be a problem – especially when it becomes our focus and drive.  When we become the center of wealth building, we lose focus on the greater purpose that money and resources can accomplish.

Financial Coaching for Families & Small Businesses

I’m not a sales and marketing guy.  But I do love helping people solve problems. For a long time I had longed to see a financial framework that could help people solve their financial problems using God’s word, rather than seeking wealth as the answer. 

That’s why I became a Christian Financial Counselor to help families and small businesses apply God’s principles to their personal finances so they can pursue a greater purpose for their lives.

We are all called to stewardship...

God has entrusted each one of us with resources to manage.  Some have a lot, some have very little.  The amount is not what matters – it’s your heart.  

Do you find yourself wondering if there is a better way to manage money – a way that can bring unity to a marriage, freedom from debt and mortgages, and provides for your needs while helping and supporting charities?

Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever have enough? Are you reluctant to give because money is tight and you’re not sure if ends will meet?

Let's talk...

If you’re asking questions – let’s talk about it.  I’d love to engage with you and see how I can help you respond to God’s call in your life.

In my experience, having someone walk alongside you is the best investment you can ever make.  


  • BS Electrical Engineering – Purdue University
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration) – Colorado State University
  • Certificate in Financial Planning – Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Certified Christian Financial Counselor through the Institute for Christian Financial Health
  • Nate is married to his wife Emily of 25 years, and has two (semi-grown) children. Nate lives in Greenwood, Indiana.