Financial Coaching for Families & Small Businesses

Get started on Your Journey to
Live Generously with Freedom & Purpose

Phase 1



My 1:1 financial coaching services start with Foundations to help you map out your financial trail. This is a 6 week / 3 session coaching program designed to help families and small businesses map out their goals and gain clarity on their financial situation with an actionable financial plan. This is a great way to get started with financial coaching before starting a longer term commitment.

What to expect?

  • Discuss your short term and long term goals, and how they can be achieved with a Financial Plan
  • Get on the same page with your spouse as you develop your spending plan together
  • Valuable short term relationship with a coach to help you determine your next steps

What does the Financial Plan include?

  • Biblically based actions and insights for your situation
  • Clear picture of your current and future financial condition
  • Spending plan that can be used with any budgeting app
  • Debt reduction plan that can be tailored to your situation
  • Saving and retirement projections

The Foundations Process

  1. Complete the Financial In-Take Form
  2. Schedule your first 2 financial coaching sessions online
  3. Complete the session checklist with your spouse before attending each session
  4. Each 75 minute coaching session is conducted from the comfort and privacy of your home through Zoom

Investment: $400

Payment Plans are Available

Phase 2

Freedom & Purpose Coaching

Freedom & Purpose is a long term 1:1 financial coaching relationship designed to help you put your financial plan into action to make measurable progress towards your financial goals. Everyone’s personal situation is unique and we will climb at your pace.

Phase 3

Legacy Coaching

Legacy Coaching is an annual coaching retainer to support both your short and long term goals while navigating unexpected life events. Your financial plan will be updated annually to give you clarity on your total financial picture.

Answers to Your Questions

The process starts by completing the Foundations financial coaching application. After completing the application, I will send you a link to book a FREE 30 minute Introductory Call to discuss your application.

Not a problem at all. You can cancel the program at any time. You will have no financial obligation for future coaching sessions.

Yes, I am Certified Christian Financial Counselor (CERTCFC®) through the Institute for Christian Financial Health. You can learn more at

No. You are responsible for any costs associated with the financial budgeting app you choose.